Rob & Zareen are a husband and wife film making team with four children between them.  While navigating the pros and cons of handheld devices in the current digital climate, they decided to start making documentaries and providing resources after discovering what children are accessing.  In particular, with regard to exposure to online pornography and the effects on children's emotional and physical wellbeing.


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Watch Hazardous Journey Productions short animations and animations from other sources.  Some of these videos can be watched together with your children, tweens and/or teens - parental discretion essential, so please parents, watch yourselves first.

When Your Kid Asks Google...

How To Have The Conversation About 

Porn With Your Son

1 In 3 Young Men

Consent: It's As Simple As Tea

How To Have The Sex Vs Porn Talk With 

Your Daughter

'Stop, Drop & Run' Song For Kids

Joe Is Awesome, Be Like Joe

Talk PANTS With Pantosaurus And His PANTS Song #TalkPANTS 

Escaping The Porn Epidemic