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Educational Screening Licence

For organisations who wish to hold a screening of 'Our Kids Online: Porn, Predators & How to Keep Them Safe' within their organisation or who wish to use the film as an educational tool, simply:

  1. Review the sample licence to ensure you agree with the terms and conditions;

  2. Purchase the film from Vimeo here by clicking the 'Buy' Button.  Cost is a one off payment of USS199;

  3. Complete the form below, attaching your Vimeo confirmation (screen shot acceptable) as proof of purchase.

A licence will be emailed to you for your records.  Please contact us if you have any queries.

Please note that this document will also enable us to contact you to provide any updated versions of this documentary, at no extra cost.

Lifetime Educational Screening Licence 
Upload File

Thanks for submitting, we will be in touch soon!

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