Zareen and Rob have been working with some amazing people in New Zealand, America and Australia while making their documentary. Here are some of the experts they have been very fortunate to be working with and/or recommend, and what they have to say on this topic.

BARK - Social Media Dangers Undercover Video

Project Stonefish

A 37-year old mom goes undercover as an 11-year old girl to expose the dangers facing kids on social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Kik. Left unsupervised, young children can be exposed to online predators, grooming, and psychological abuse within minutes. For more information please visit: https://stonefishvideo.com/

Stephanie Boye - TEDx Talk

Porn - A Mother's Concern and Action

Stephanie Boye is a Sexual Assault Counsellor, pulling back the curtain on societal norms to address teenage sex, pornography and its impact on the mental and emotional wellbeing of adolescents everywhere. With a documentary on the way and podcast dedicated to her mission, Stephanie is also a wife and mother to three teenagers.

Professor Warren Binford - TEDx Talk

Sex, Porn & Manhood

Warren Binford is a Professor of Law and Director of the Clinical Law Programme at Willamette University. An internationally recognised children's rights scholar, she is the founder of Willamette's Child & Family Advocacy Clinic, providing pro bono legal support of children and families in crisis, as well as guidance on legislation & public policy.

Gabe Deem - 3rd Colition To End Sexual Exploitation Summit

Porn Is A Public Health Issue

Gabe Deem is a Counsellor for kids and teens.  He is also the Founder of 'Reboot Nation' a free online community with over 11,000 members that helps people who struggle with porn addiction and/or porn induced sexual dysfunctions.  Gabe has spoken and many events, featured on TV, in Time Magazine and in podcast and radio interviews, as well as having written articles of the likes of HuffPost.

Cindy Pierce - TEDx Talk

How Porn Skews Sexual Expectations

Cindy Pierce is a leading social sexuality educator, the author of 'Sex, College & Social Media', 'Sexploitation' and Finding The Doorbell'.  She is also a comic storyteller who has been performing her one-woman comedic show and providing educational programmes around healthy sexual behaviour and choices since 2004.

Heidi Olson Interview

The Truth About Porn

Heidi Olson is a Certified Paediatric Nurse and Certified Paediatric Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE).  She works as the SANE Programme Coordinator at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City

Gary Wilson - TEDx Talk

The Great Porn Experiment

Gary Wilson taught human pathology, anatomy and physiology and has long been interested in the neurochemistry for addiction, mating and bonding.  He is the author of 'Your Brain On Porn' and was presented with the Media Award for outstanding media contributions and public education on pornography addiction by the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Healthy in 2015.  He also hosts the website 'Your Brain on Porn'.

Dr Donald Hilton Interview

The Truth About Porn

Dr Donald Hilton is a renowned Neurosurgeon in San Antonio.  He is a Director of Neurosurgical Training and a fellow of the American Assocation of Neurological Surgeons. He  also travels and speaks nationally and internationally on the neurological effects of pornography addiction.

Dr Gail Dines - TEDx Talk

Growing Up In A Pornified Culture

Dr Gail Dines is a Professor Emerita of Sociology and Women's Studies at Wheelock College in Boston, and internationally acclaimed speaker and author of 'Pornland'.  Her writing and lectures focus on the hyper sexualisation of the culture and the ways that porn images filter down into mainstream culture.  She is also the President and CEO of Culture Reframed, aimed at helping parents build resilience in kids to hyper sexualised media and porn.

Kristen Jenson - 5th Coalition To End Sexual Exploitation

Why Prevention is The Smarter, Cheaper Way to End Sexual Exploitation

Kristen A. Jenson is the author of “Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids” and “Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr.: A Simple Plan to Protect Young Minds.” She is also the founder of ProtectYoungMinds.org. She is a leader in the Safeguard Alliance of the National Coalition to End Sexual and has testified before the Washington State Senate Law and Justice Committee on the public health crisis of pornography. Kristen continues to be a strong voice for protecting children from all forms of sexual exploitation.

Jo Robertson - TEDx Talk

Why We Need To Talk About Porn

Jo Robertson is the Research and Training Lead for The Light Project, a charitable trust equipping youth, whānau and professionals to navigate the new porn landscape.  Jo also works in private practice as a sex therapist, helping couples restore intimacy, or with problematic sexual behaviours. She is a wife and mum to three boys.


Rob & Zareen are a husband and wife film making team with four children between them.  While navigating the pros and cons of handheld devices in the current digital climate, they decided to start making documentaries and providing resources after discovering what children are accessing.  In particular, with regard to exposure to online pornography, predators and the effects on children's emotional and physical wellbeing, and providing recommended practical solutions to help them keep their children safer online.


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