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I'm Zareen, a Director here at Our Kids Online.

Like most women out there, I wear many different hats! Mine include mother, step-mother, wife, friend, hug-giver, dog lover, psychology enthusiast, museum junkie, travel lover, writer, educator, public speaker & documentary maker.

I've always been fascinated with human behaviour, and I'm particularly passionate about all things relating to emotional resilience and understanding trauma.  A couple of years ago, I published my first book 'The Tiny Life Guru', a small insightful guide to some of the qualities and reflections that can help build that resilience.  With a qualification in trauma management, I'm is also a qualified life coach and am currently undertaking a psychology degree.

In addition to my study and research, I feel privileged to have worked with a diverse range of people, including some of the wealthiest people in the world, Department of Corrections psychologists, litigation lawyers, terminally ill patients, addicts, members of an Online Child Exploitation Police Team, child trafficking prevention organisations and various other experts in New Zealand and globally working in the online safety field.​

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