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Below are a few of our recommended books for parents & caregivers (some are read-a-long books).  We've worked with, and continue to work with some of the authors. 

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Guide to answering over 200 questions from kids about sex, from the most basic to most complex.

Author: Cath Hakanson

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Ages 8 - 12 & 13+, guides to puberty & all things tween & teen.

Author: Kaz Cookie

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Ages 8 - 12, guide to all things puberty for boys.

Author: Cara Natterson

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An A-Z survival guide to raising teenagers - from Argumentative to Zits.

Authors: Cathy Wilcox & Sarah McDonald 

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Ages 5+ emotions dictionary to help children find the words for how they feel.  With over 60 definitions.

Author: Rebekah Lipp

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Real life story about the Author, her daughter & their journey dealing with an online predator situation.

Author: Jen Hoey

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Ages 6-12, a variety of books to help understand the concepts of personal and online safety.

Author: Holly-Ann Martin

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Ages 3-6 & 7-11, easy comfortable way to educate your children and give them a plan regarding exposure to online porn.

Author: Kristen Jenson

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Ages 8 -12 read-a-long book to help give kids context around the harms of exposure to online porn.

Author: Liz Walker

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Providing parents with insight into teens navigating the current porn and hookup cultures.

Author: Ciny Pierce

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A scientific exploration of how internet porn affects us and our culture.

Author: Noah B E Church

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Forensic Cyberpyschologist Dr Mary Aiken explains how human behaviour changes online.

Dr Mary Aiken

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Insight into the biggest threats to the psychological wellbeing of girls.

Author: Dr Leonard Sax

Website Books (15).png

Insight into how social, cultural & biological factors have created a toxic environment for boys.

Author: Dr Leonard Sax

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Insight into how technology is having profound affect on the brains of our children.

Author: Dr Nicholas Kardaras

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