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Parent Cyber Safety Evenings with Rob Cope

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"I just couldn't wait to touch base and tell you that the discussions have not stoped all morning...Lots of our parents feel empowered...The most powerful words from one parent who called me were "This gave me the confidence to have the conversation"...

- Janine Satchwell, Principal

About Rob

Rob Cope is a leading parent educator in online safety in Aotearoa/New Zealand, who is passionate about keeping our tamariki and rangatahi safer online.

With a masterful mix of humour and hard-hitting anecdotes, he leaves parents and caregivers feeling empowered, as he helps them understand and navigate the online world their kids are growing up in.  As many parents have commented "This was everything I didn't know I needed to know, I feel empowered!"

Supporting schools with comprehensive marketing strategies, school halls and venues across Aotearoa have been packed almost everywhere he speaks.  Most recently, a Wellington Kahui Ako sold over 800 tickets to one of his talks, and a decile two school at the other end of the country, with a roll of only 320 students, had over 200 parents attend! 

With a limited number of dates per year, contact us today if you would like Rob to come and speak to your parent & caregiver community.

The Informed & Empowered Programme

One of a Kind Online Safety Programme now in over 200 schools!

The Informed & Empowered Programme was created after spending two years working with schools and parent communities across New Zealand to figure out how to provide comprehensive courses for schools, not only to educate students on how to stay safer online, but to provide full support to teaching staff through accompanying resources, and to enable schools to educate their parent/caregiver communities.

Learning has been broken down into handy sections that provide the flexibility to run the whole course over a set period of time, single modules/topics can be taught on specific days/months/terms for example "Cyberbullying Awareness Week/Month/Term", or to help navigate a specific online safety incident immediately after it has happened.

Engagement with the full course, including the modules for parents/caregivers can be used by teaching staff for CPD purposes.

The Informed & Empowered Programme

Take a look below, click on the specific course relevant to your school to find out more, see the modules offered and register. 

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