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Parenting in an Online World 101

Please note this course is for Parents/Caregivers.  For our courses for Schools which include facilitation guides, handouts and other relevant information, please click here.

We've had the difficult conversations so you don't have to!

Are you a parent/caregiver of children with access to the internet? Are you wanting to increase your knowledge about the online world your kids are living in? Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin? Are you concerned about the impacts on their emotional resilience and brain development?

Then look no further! We've combined a wealth of knowledge and experience in the online safety field to create Parenting in an Online World 101 - an online course for parents/caregivers to help navigate the challenges we are all facing in relation to the online landscape with our kids.

And with four kids between us in our blended family, we know some of these topics can be really uncomfortable and confronting. That's why we've made sure to inject our unique way of teaching into each course! Be prepared for some quirky fun and laughter mixed in with the serious!


By the end of this course you will:

  • understand the harms our kids are facing online in relation to predators, pornography, social media, gaming, fake news, cyberbullying, understanding emotions, and the 24/7 switched-on effect on the developing brain;

  • have practical solutions you can implement immediately to keep your children safer online;

  • know some healthy ways to approach the tricky topics; and

  • know what to do when your child has been exposed to something harmful.

The course also contains information on how to create an online safety plan that can be tailored to suit your family's needs.


Do this course alone or watch some of the modules with your kids.

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