As Rob and Zareen continue to journey through his topic; learning, meeting people and filming, they would like to share some information with you they think you might find helpful. Whether parenting young children, tweens or teens, exposure to online pornography and online predators is affecting all ages.


Watch their own short animations, other  helpful animations & videos, the official trailer for their documentary, the full length play 'Two Nights' which depicts two relationships, one of which has been influenced by porn, and talks delivered by some of the experts that they have worked with and continue to work with.

Watch short animations and videos from Hazardous Journey Productions and other sources here.

Watch the official trailer for upcoming documentary, Our Kids Online: The Porn Epidemic here.

Watch the full play, 'Two Nights', a must-watch for high school aged teens, here.

Watch some videos from the experts Zareen and Rob have been working with.